Competition Team



Here at N-STEP, we believe that all dancers should have the ability to experience the world of competitive dance. Kids gain so much through this experience such as self-confidence, teamwork, responsibility and these are just a few of the benefits. 


The N-STEP Dance Company is for the dancer looking for a full competitive experience. The Company will be required to attend 3 mandatory regional competitions, with the potential for optionals being offered. In addition, the Team will be required to participate in 3 community events: The Manchester Christmas Parade, and Dancers At Heart Benefit and one TBD



Auditions are open to all students, including those whom have not previously studied at N-STEP Dance Center.


Auditions will be held on Tuesday, June 25th between 4pm-8pm. Specific times will be assigned based on age. There is a chance that your child will be asked to stay and audition for one or more genres in another age group. Please plan accordingly. N-STEP Dance Center does not guarantee placement on Team. The audition is used to determine the dancer’s placement on the Company as well as Fall class placement. Audition attire is as follows

  • GIRLS: Black leotard or black dance top, black jazz shorts, tan tights optional 

  • BOYS: Black T-shirt & pants/shorts

  • All styles of shoes should be brought to auditions.



  • Auditions at the studio. 

  • All Acceptance Letters will be emailed out no later than this date.

  • Acceptance of Team Membership due (will be booking appointments to receive paperwork.  Solo Duo or Trio Choregraphy Fees Due in Full at this time)

  • Required Dance Sampler Camp for Team Members  Levels 2 and below

  • Required Dance Intensives for Team Members Levels 3 and above

  • GroupChoreography Fees Due

  • Team Bonding Day 

  • Group Costume Deposits due ($50/group)

  • Group Choreography Camp begins -through Sept 8th

  • Choreography fees for groups due in FULL

  • Mock Competition TBD (December)

  • Competitions are scheduled between Feb-May



Yearly Company Fee ($175) covers the Yearly Registration Fee, administrative fees, props, Mock Competition expenses & miscellaneous costs. This fee does not include the cost of  Winter Showcase or Recital T-Shirts, Gala Tickets & any other costs that should arise. All team members will also need to purchase team warm ups (approx. $100-$150).

Dancers will be placed in a MAXIMUM of 5 groups

1st year company members age 6 and under will be placed in 1 group

1st year company members age 7+ will be placed in no more than 3 groups


1 group = $150 

2 groups = $200 ($100/dance) 

3 groups = $250 ($83/dance)

 4 groups = $300 ($75/dance)  

5 groups = $350 ($70/dance)

Group Costume deposits due ($50/group) and balance will be billed upon final costume approval



 As a Team Member, you will be required to progress in your dance technique and stay conditioned throughout the summer. 


Levels 2 and Below

This level will be required to do the Dance Sampler Camp with the option of either an additional summer camp or weekly summer classes .you decide which options works best for your summer.


July 15-19  Dance Sampler Camp (requirement )

July 8th-12th  Musical Theater Camp 

August 5th-9th Princess Camp 

Weekly Classes July 8th--August 14 


Levels 3 and Above

 July 22nd-26th Dance Intensives Week (requirement )

Dance Clinincs 8 out the 12 scheduled ( requirement ) 


If your child is unable to attend the required intensives or clinins they will be

required to take private lessons to make up.


Level 2 and Below

1 PreDance

1 KinderCombo & 1 Jazz class

Level 1 and 2 --Ballet, Tap and Jazz /Musical Theater

Assigned Group Rehearsal scheduled for 30 minutes and if assigned, Production for 45 minutes.



Levels 3 and Above 

2 Ballet classes, Jazz class

Any other competing form of dance

All Group Rehearsals will be 30 minutes with the exception being Production at 45 minutes.

Strength and Conditioning is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, but not required.  




(Group fees approx. $45-$65 per group plus $20 studio fee per competition)

Group pricing is in addition to your regular monthly tuition.

Monthly fees will be priced as follows:

1 group - $30

2 groups - $40

3 groups - $50

4 groups - $55

5 groups - $60


All members of the Company are required to participate in the Production Group, with the exception of the Mini’s. If a dancer drops a group for any reason after placements are announced they will also have to forfeit their solo (if one was awarded). It is also expected that all competition fees are paid by the published due date (typically 4 months prior to the competition). A $5/ per group late fee will be assessed each week until the balance and late fees are paid in full. Optional competitions may be offered, but groups may not be required to participate.



All solos, duets, and trios are to be determined by the N-STEP staff. Teamwork is a priority at N-STEP so Group dances will always take priority over S/D/T. These are “extra” dances and should be treated as a privilege not a right. Rehearsals will continue until the recital. Teachers will use this time to work on technique with the dancers.   


A $10/ per S/D/T late fee will be assessed per each week until the balance is paid. If after a month’s time the balance is still outstanding, the rehearsals will be cancelled and the Solo/Duet/Trio will not compete until the balance and late fees are paid in full. If a dancer has both a solo and either a duet/trio, any payments will always be applied to the duet/trio first as it affects another dancer.



N-STEP reserves the right to make changes to the above for

any reason, if it is in the best interest of the business.

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1134 Hooksett Rd, Hooksett, NH 03106, USA