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Class Descriptions 

We are proud to offer classes for all age and ability levels.  

Please see below for class descriptions.


The dancer must turn 1.5 by September 30, 2023 - This program is specially designed to cater to our youngest dancers. This 45-minute class is structured as an introduction to basic dance movements & positions as well as Tumbling skills.  Children are encouraged to be creative & have fun! Tiny Tots perform in our June recital, a treat for both the dancers & the parents!    



The dancer must turn 2.5 by September 30, 2023 - This is the perfect way to introduce your child to dance & instruction. The class is 60 minutes long & time is spent on learning introductory Ballet and Tap focusing on movement & dance with a variety of Tumbling fun as well!  The last few minutes are spent playing games like Freeze Dance, Bear Hunt & activities with the parachute!  PreDance will perform one routine in the Winter Showcase and 2 routines in the June Recital!



The dancer must turn 5 by September 30, 2023 - This class is 75 minutes long & is a natural progression for kids that have graduated from our previous programs or the student that is ready for more!  The students will continue to build upon their ballet & tap technique, as well as start on the path of learning jazz skills.  KinderCombo will perform one routine in the Winter Showcase as well as 2 routines in the June Recital!


Leveled classes offered for ages 7+.  Placement is determined through the evaluation and recommendation of instructors.


Ballet is recommended for all of our students. It is truly the foundation of all forms of dance. It will help to achieve strong body placement and posture, control of movement, and promote self-discipline. We offer beginner through advanced levels to accommodate all ability levels. We also offer the options of Technique only classes or classes that will allow your child to perform in the Recital.


Contemporary is also available for our dancers ages 10 and up, or by invitation. This class is a fusion of Jazz, Lyrical & Modern influenced movement. Contemporary is a creative, fun and challenging outlet!


 Like tap, we currently offer 5 levels of classes based on ability. One of our most popular classes, your child will be exposed to many different styles including Musical Theater, Open and Fosse influenced styles.



 Lyrical calls upon the use of strong ballet technique, as well as, the ability to perform with emotional execution. This style draws on all other forms, using music with lyrics to express a story or feeling. Lyrical can be very rewarding for the more experienced dancer who wants to widen their range. Ballet 1 is a pre-requisite to this class & dancer must be enrolled in a ballet class.


This super fun class focusing on various musicals. A variety of dance will be incorporated while teaching the kids to explore their “inner performer”. This is a great class for those kids that are involved in local theater programs and would like to fine-tune their skills.


We have 4 levels of Tap to ensure that your child is placed in the class that is best for their ability level. Tap is a great form of dance that calls upon the use of timing, rhythm, balance, and coordination.  


Recommended ages 5+ years. Classes are 45-60 minutes long. We will incorporate a variety of skills such as beginner tumbling, balance, coordination and movement. Once mastered, participants will work on basic tumbling skills like back-bends, somersaults, cartwheels, etc progressing to more advanced skills as their ability improves. 

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